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Match the titles to the texts. One title is extra.


A. Swimming Medicine
B. My Funny Pets
C. Love to Death
D. Classical Music Fans
E. Friends Forever
1. In France, there was a man who had a dog and a cat and he
loved them both. One day he got a new job two hundred kilometers away, so he had to move. But he only took the dog with him
and left the cat in the same house with new owners.
Three weeks later, the dog suddenly disappeared. The man
looked for his dog, but didn’t find him.
Then, seven weeks later, the dog came back — together with the
cat. They were tired and hungry after their long way, and the
cat’s paws were bleeding (кровоточили). But they looked happy
and lived on all together.
2. Bill Bowell was suffering from depression. The doctor gave
him medicine, but they didn’t help. He couldn’t work.
Then he started to swim with dolphins.
“My life changed forever,” says Bowell. “A dolphin called Simo
looked into my eyes for a few minutes and I started to cry. All my
emotions erupted like a volcano. As I cried, Simo put his head
on my chest and stayed very still.” After swimming with dolphins
Bowell says he was back to normal life.
3. Some years ago my husband and I were traveling in the north of Engleand
One day we stopped in a quiet place for a picnic and played
some Mozart on a CD player. After a few minutes we looked up
and saw some cows who were listening to the music. When the
Mozart was finished, we put on CD of modern music. The cows
immediately turned round and walked off.
4. People say that fish are cold, but read this story to see that
they can feel too.
Our friend went to another country on business. So we took her
pet goldfish and put it in a bowl with our goldfish. They lived
together for six months. When the friend came back, she took
her goldfish home.
The next morning I found my goldfish on the surface, dead. Later
that day my friend phoned to say that her goldfish was also dead.



1 E

2 A

3 D

4 C



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